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Cloudless Satellite Imagery


No More Clouds & Shadows

Tired of looking at clouds? ClearSky Vision uses artificial intelligence and radar imagery to remove clouds, shadows, and image artifacts from the original image. So you can enjoy cloudless and clean Sentinel-2 data.

Consistent Time Series 

Do you want to measure vegetation monthly, weekly, or even daily? At ClearSky Vision, we predict daily, up-to-date, cloudless satellite images with data from multiple satellites (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Landsat 8). 

Countless Applications

Having access to cloudless multi-spectral satellite images creates countless applications in agriculture, maritime, forestry, and urban monitoring. 


Agri, Urban, or Forestry? 

ClearSky Vision enables continuous agricultural monitoring by combining multiple time series from different satellites in orbit. However, our cloudless technology works on cities and forests as well – making our continuous monitoring available for all industries. 

What do we do?

Always Cloudless

Leverage the power of working with useful, clean satellite images. No hassle – go directly to insights. No need for cloud detection and masks when there are none.  


We predict all the instruments on Sentinel 2. No matter what maps and indices you already use, our imagery is 100% complementary with your analysis. 

Daily Insight

At the end of the day, what really matters is up-to-date imagery. What gets measured gets done – so measure your change regularly. We want to see a positive change in the world – so we naturally measure it. 

Trust Factor

Worried about working with predictions and artificially recreated satellite imagery? See our estimated error rates and only use imagery that fits your criteria. 

European Coverage

Our technology is not bound by country borders. It’s a seamless transition. No need to combine imagery yourself or use slow mosaicing tools. We are on a quest to cover Europe, daily!


Our up-to-date imagery is naturally orthorectified, and have been corrected for image perspective, image relief, and optical distortions. 


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