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Cloudless Satellite Imagery

Enabling Continuous Monitoring 



No More Clouds & Shadows

Tired of looking at clouds? We are one of the leading solutions for cloud-free optical imagery! We uniquely provide multi-spectral cloudless optical satellite imagery, ensuring compatibility with existing remote sensing applications that rely on Sentinel-2 imagery. We provide frequent or even daily cloudless satellite images, thereby, enabling continuous monitoring of vegetation in a new and novel way.  

AI, SAR and Optical

ClearSky Vision uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, optical imagery and radar imagery to remove clouds, cloud shadows, and image artifacts from optical Sentinel-2 images. So you can enjoy clean and cloudless Sentinel-2 data. 100% analysis-ready, empowering many different application areas within vegetation monitoring. If you want to feel the magic, click here


Continuous Monitoring

Harness the power of daily imagery for continuous monitoring, and unlock a new era of precision agriculture and environmental conservation by tracking important metrics such as NDVI and NDMI frequently.  


Track Deforestation

Detect and combat deforestation using our frequent high-resolution imagery. Our platform offers multi-spectral Sentinel-2 imagery, perfect for pinpointing areas of significant tree loss in real time.


Updated Basemaps

Experience enhanced temporal understanding with our frequently updated basemaps in both true-color and false-color. We combine images daily, delivering up-to-date, accurate basemaps for varied applications.


More Than Cloudless!

An inherent problem with satellite imagery is the atmospheric disturbance, which makes the images less generalizable. It makes earth observation less viable for tracking smaller ground cover changes. This example is not only clouded but also affected by blue tint and overexposure. Our AI removes most image inconsistencies and empowers rapid monitoring. 


Improved Workflow

Our imagery is not bound by the image size of Sentinel-2. We can create wall-to-wall cloudless imagery that fits your arbitrary size needs. No more wasted time on burdensome data cleaning, cloud detection, and data merging. Do you need 20,000×5,000 pixel images? We got it.

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Browse Data

Leverage the power of working with useful, clean satellite images 100% of the time. No hassle, go directly to insights. No need for cloud detection and masks when there are none. You can request a trial API key on

ClearSky Vision

Always Cloudless

Leverage the power of working with useful, clean satellite images. No hassle – go directly to insights. No need for cloud detection and masks when there are none.  


We predict all the instruments on Sentinel 2. No matter what maps and indices you already use, our imagery is 100% complementary with your analysis. 

Daily Insight

At the end of the day, what really matters is up-to-date imagery. What gets measured gets done – so measure your change regularly. We want to see a positive change in the world – so we naturally measure it. 

Trust Factor

Worried about working with predictions and artificially recreated satellite imagery? See our estimated error rates and only use imagery that fits your criteria. 

European Coverage

Our technology is not bound by country borders. It’s a seamless transition. No need to combine imagery yourself or use slow mosaicing tools. We are on a quest to cover Europe, daily!


Our up-to-date imagery is naturally orthorectified, and have been corrected for image perspective, image relief, and optical distortions. 


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