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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I use my credits for?

The purchased credits can be used to download the multi-spectral Sentinel-2 imagery that’s available on the platform through either API or GUI. It’s a flat credit fee for all 10 multi-spectral bands. The geographical area that’s available online can be seen on The new data is available one day after sensing time. The area is continuously being extended, currently in Europe. We do also produce additional areas as one-time payments or as yearly subscriptions in areas within and outside of Europe. 

Why is the service not available in my area? 

The service is time-consuming and expensive to run as a small startup. If you are interested in being one of the first to get access to a new geographical area, consider sending us a shapefile of your area of interest ( All new areas start out with testing and free data sharing. You will get plenty of opportunities to test the imagery in your applications. 

What does synthetic data mean and can I trust it?

All data available on is derived from deep neural networks because this is the only way to extract the necessary information available in the images. We call images derived from this process ‘synthetic’ to not mislead users about the origin of the data. This also includes natural cloud-free data from Sentinel-2, as this data is still being processed by an artificial intelligence to ensure consistency among other things. The imagery, however, is designed to mimic normal Sentinel-2 imagery minus a few undesirable traits. The imagery you will find here looks and feels like Sentinel-2. If you would like to know more about our testing methods or accuracy, feel free to reach out at In 99% of cases, you will find our synthetic imagery to be an improvement compared to what’s available from Sentinel-2 alone. But don’t take our word for it and request a trial API key from and download a time-series to test in your applications. You can also read more about the image generation process at

Is there any difference between today’s data and historical data?

No, all data has been produced in the same way. This is to ensure consistency throughout our service. However, this also means historical data is produced without any future insights and it’s only backward-looking. It will not extrapolate into what we know it will become because it will not see future data even if we do have it available.

Can I access water imagery on this platform? 

No. This is developed for land-based monitoring and all open water bodies are removed after the images have been created. We do not store SAR data for open seas and it’s not recommended to use any unremoved water imagery that you mind find on the platform. You can find lakes consistently in our imagery, however, all water data is considerably lower quality than our land-based imagery. The recommended use of this platform (and all imagery available) is for continuous monitoring of land-based areas of interest. It has been developed for vegetation monitoring. 

What is the minimum cost for one image?

The minimum request area (for levels 1 to 3 subscription plans) is a predefined set of tiles in the size of 5120 x 5120 pixels. The cost is 26.21 credits whether this tile is located in Germany or Scotland. You can see these tiles on by requesting an area. 

What is the convention between tiles, km2, and credits?

All usage is calculated with credits and credits have a conversion of 100km2/credit. Since our standard tiles are 2621.44 km2, this results in 26.21 credits being used when downloading a tile. A tile consists of ten multi-spectral bands from Sentinel-2. 

What is the difference between ‘available online’ and ‘can be ordered’?

The data available on is updated daily in selected European countries (blue colored on the data availability map). Other European areas can be ordered (except for Russia) but are currently not available on the platform.

What if I want custom shapefiles smaller than the standard tile size?

We currently only offer customer tile sizes and shapefiles cut to enterprise customers with a yearly consumption of more than 100 million square kilometers. You can contact us to hear more.