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Sample Data


We continue to add sample data about new geographical areas. Please contact us if your country is not available here.  

Denmark (PNG)

May – September 2020

Whether you are an expert in satellite imagery or a rookie, this small sample data collection of true-color images (stored as PNG) from Denmark over a duration of five months is a good starting point. It’s a simple way to see the effects of having access to daily cloud-free optical imagery.


Denmark (GeoTIFF)

May 2020

This sample data is from Denmark with ten spectral bands (B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B8a, B11, B12) stored as GeoTIFF. It also includes a true-color image. It’s only one month’s duration. 


Sentinel-2 and ClearSky Vision

April – October 2021

Sometimes it’s easier when you have something to compare it to. Here is sample data from May to October (Denmark). To keep it simple it’s only true-color images from both data sources as well as NDVI images from ClearSky Vision. 

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