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Continuous Monitoring

Level 1 €10,000


5,556 km2
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Level 2 €20,000


14,286 km2
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Level 3 €45,000


40,909 km2
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Enterprise €Custom


250,000+ km2
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  Our continuous monitoring service provides daily cloudless Sentinel-2 imagery for your area of interest. Our pricing tiers offer flexible options based on your needs, enabling you to choose from different quantities of imagery, each billed annually. You get access to ten multi-spectral bands from Sentinel-2, giving you comprehensive coverage of your area of interest. You can download your entire area of interest daily throughout the year of service. If your application demands more data than the tiers offer or more specialized features, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom enterprise solution tailored to your unique requirements.



Data Availability Status



We are consistently scaling into new countries, starting in Europe. If do you not see your area of interest in this map, contact us for more information at The geographical areas that are available online can be viewed on without a pricing plan by requesting a trial API key.